The springs of SAIRME mineral water are situated at 950 m above sea level, in one of the most picturesque slopes of a Meskheti ridge - on gorge of the mountain river Tsablaristskali.

Mountain spring water sources are born at an altitude of 2000 m, in deep layers of rock in the upper part of a valley of the river Tsablaristskali.

SAIMRE mineral water is extracted from the depths of the mountains located in area Sairme in the center of the Small Caucasian Ridge, in the western part of Georgia, in environmentally protected area.

The mineral water comes to surface in several springs, each of them with unique chemical composition. At this moment there are 11 springs.

70% of the human body is water, while the in newborn it is almost 90%. The main part of the fluid in our body is the blood that transfers nutrients and minerals to cells and relieves them from waste and toxins. The body naturally loses around 2 litres of water and important minerals each day that need to be restored in order to be able to work and enjoy life. In the summer, the loss of water and useful minerals increases since much water is evaporated from the skin in order to cool the body. 

Compared to tap water, mineral water contains much more minerals and micro-elements that are good for your health. Enjoy SAIMRE Mineral Waters every day and maintain the natural balance of your body. Enjoy a glass of mineral water with a cup of coffee. 

Water regulates the fluid balance in the body, neutralizes the taste and the halts irritating sensation in the stomach. The taste of coffee becomes better with the spring water SAIRME SRINGS/NAKADULI.

One of the main components of making a good tea is high-quality water. Compared to tap water, the tea made with spring water SAIRME SPRINGS/NAKADULI reveals the tea flavor bouquet.  

The unique properties of the water SAIRME, for human health have been known since ancient times.

During the Soviet Union, the SAIRME water was produced on an exclusive basis and was available only for limited groups of people.

Water SAIRME is a unique natural remedy for the prevention of a number of diseases, such as: kidney pathology, inflammatory process of the genitourinary system, gall bladder and biliary tract, inflammation of the liver and intestines.

If you regularly use this water, then increases the body's immune defense, regulation of acid-base balance and the development of blood vessels. In addition, the risk of developing the sclerotic processes decreases and mental activity increases.

Also, SAIRME is used for the prevention of diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular, osteoarticular and endocrine systems of the human body.

Beside its healing effects due to its unique composition, SAIRME water has a unique soft taste, has no restrictions on daily use and is an excellent addition to any type of food and alcoholic beverages.

Enjoy with mild taste and a pleasant natural flavor.